Painting a 1998 Dodge 4X4 truck Digital Camo

When I bought this truck from my dad, he had been using it for a work truck in Las Vegas. Being in the desert sun pretty much fried the paint, so I decided to spend a Saturday with a 12 pack and some spray paint, and give it a whole new look.

In the background, you can see my 1968 dodge D100... I'll be putting a page for it pretty soon, because that's my next project.

I started off my digital camo paint experiment, by using painter's tape, creating some basic random forms.
I made sure to mask off all of the trim pieces, door handles, emblems, etc... because if this didn't turn out wery well, I wanted to be able to repaint it, and still have it look good.

Then, I shot the whole thing with flat black. I thought it might look cool, having a bit of the original paint, all shiny, showing through... it does.

Then, I added some more tape, and started adding color.

This is wat my first coat of digital camo paint looked like when I was done.

I drove the truck around like this for a while, got lots of compliments, and thumbs up from people of all ages, and was encouraged to keep going with it. At one point, I bought a camper shell for it, added a lumber rack, and gave it some more paint.

A couple of months went by, I built a carport, and one day, I decided to see if I could make it look even better. So I got a bunch of rolls of tape, made a grid over the whole truck, and started spraying some more.

Here's the final product... I also added a carpet kit in the back... to check out how I built it, CLICK HERE